icorp.ca inc.’s IT and Digital Risk Management consulting service helps clients define their information security policies and processes for digitally encrypted transactions. We specialize in Privacy Impact Assessments, Threat Risk Assessments and WebTrust Standards engagements.

Trust is the basic ingredient of any lasting relationship. Trust in the internet economy is enabled through a trusted web portal. The development of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology has enabled businesses and citizens to ascertain who they are dealing with, be protected against repudiation, and ensure confidentiality and integrity of information exchanged. So why is trust so elusive in the electronic marketplace?

IT and Digital Risk Management goes beyond encrypted PKI technology by providing trust, privacy and security based standards, to demonstrate the trustworthiness of their web portal. IT and Digital Risk Management is based upon 7 key standards including; On-Line Privacy; Confidentiality; Security; Business Practices and Transaction Integrity; Availability; and Non-Repudiation. Invest in WebTrust. We support your secure channel for trusted on-line initiatives in building client relationships.


WebTrust Standards

Do your clients feel secure making transactions, gathering information or leaving personal information through your web portal?

In the new world of electronic service delivery, nowhere in business or government will you find a more essential activity for management than to focus on the big picture of information privacy and integrity. The need is great: information privacy, transaction integrity, sound business practices and trust are essential when it comes to maintaining good relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and other business partners. The consequences of not securing privacy of information and trust can be serious.

The WebTrust standards are a benchmark against which your online portal must operate in order that your online customers know your web portal is a safe place to undertake digital transactions. Through the globally recognized WebTrust services, icorp.ca inc. will work with your organization to provide a rigorous third-party examination of your eBusiness strategy and web portal for;

  • On-Line Privacy;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Security;
  • Business Practices / Transaction Integrity;
  • Availability; and
  • Non-Repudiation.

Through the WebTrust standards, your organization can provide a high level of comfort to your customers, increase the robust level of security on your web portal, and significantly lower transaction costs.

Protect Your Critical Information

Rapid technological change is pushing organizations ever further into uncharted territory. The opportunities are significant – and so are the risks. Organizations do not receive second chances today. Time is of the essence – and your competitors are just a click away. Everyone you do business with needs to know that your business systems are secure, reliable, available and properly controlled.

icorp.ca’s WebTrust standards service will help your organization:

  • assess your eBusiness strategy and show you ways to close any gaps;
  • identify your key IT risks, and offer effective, innovative solutions to mitigate them;
  • evaluate how well you’ve addressed eBusiness fundamentals – security, controls, availability, reliability, assurance and trust; and
  • recommend improvements to develop efficient new systems management and business processes.

In response to these needs, the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) have jointly developed eBusiness standards and the related WebTrust Assurance services. Licensed public accounting practitioners (like Peter L. Ostapchuk, CA @peter.ostapchuk@icorp.ca) can also provide WebTrust Assurance services to evaluate whether a particular web portal meets these standards. For more specific information about WebTrust, go to the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) website @www.cica.ca/webtrust.

WebTrust Standards

The Web has captured the attention of businesses, citizens and consumers, causing the number and types of electronic transactions to grow rapidly. Customers have legitimate concerns about transaction integrity, control, authorization, confidentiality, and anonymity. In the faceless world of eBusiness, users need the assurance of an objective third party.

The WebTrust Standards are the guiding force behind the WebTrust service. They form the benchmarks against which an entity deals with it’s customers in regard to the way it conducts eBusiness.

WebTrust standards require that an organization or a business unit web portal have policies, practices, and controls to reasonably assure that customer information obtained through electronic commerce is protected from misuse. This includes encryption and protection of customer information transmitted to the entity and protection of this information once it reaches the entity. It also requires that the entity request the customer’s permission to use this information for purposes other than those necessary to process the customers’ orders, or for storing, altering or copying information on the customer’s computer.

So what level of trust do your customers have using your web portal? In appreciating the strategic importance of electronic service delivery, how well developed are your WebTrust standards? For more information about how icorp.ca’s WebTrust expertise can assist you, contact us.

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