Research into eBusiness emerging trends and the impact of changing technologies has established benchmarks for consideration by organizations in business strategy development.

Our research indicates the following trends in business strategy:

  • It is clear that connectedness is of ongoing importance and relevance for the Internet economy. Connectedness will undoubtedly remain a continuing responsibility and challenge for organizations for years to come, but convergence will change the way we understand how our economy will interact.
  • The digital and knowledge divides will continue to have important consequences for economic competitiveness and participation in the global economy. Policies and programs to address these divides will need to be considered to provide basic public goods. The transition from connectedness and access to issues such as education, content, culture and quality of life are key policy issues for industry and governments to address.
  • The economic value added by wireless network infrastructures will soon be overshadowed by the value of applications and content that are used or sold on the web.
  • Organizations in the Internet economy will need to expand the scope of its client base and forge partnerships with new private sector players both domestically and internationally. A more inclusive approach to policy development is called for in the increasingly networked economic society of the next decade.
  • Organizations and governments will benefit by continuing to play a key role in multilateral policy development for a global information society. Organizations will need to support, encourage and participate in multilateral and global approaches to developing eBusiness, information technology and intellectual property standards and regulations.

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