Performance – [per-fawr-muh ns] – is the act of doing something successfully, using knowledge, as distinguished from merely possessing it; includes activities to ensure goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.’s Performance consulting service helps clients make better sustainability decisions through integrated financial performance metrics, with transparent and comparable reporting on climate governance matters. We specialize in the design of financial sustainability performance frameworks, and integrated risk-based processes to balance strategic imperatives and priorities.

Managing sustainability performance facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals. There is a clear and immediate correlation between using climate-based performance management and metrics to improve business and organizational results.  A performance problem is any gap between desired results and actual results, whereas sustainability performance improvement is any effort targeted at closing the gap between actual results and desired outcomes.  Simple, n’est pas?  Thus, an effective sustainability performance management system consists of a process whereby: Work is planned and expectations are set; Climate-related performance is monitored; Personnel have ability to perform and are developed and enhanced; Performance is rated or measured; and Top performance is rewarded.

So what keeps your organization from performing sustainably well?  Do your key financial performance and sustainability indicators speak to resource efficiency and cost savings, and the adoption of low-emission energy sources?  Have your performance measures and climate-related financial risks and opportunities been identified – as the right ones?  Do your chosen sustainability metrics inform strategic imperative decisions?  Are you mired in “measures” with no meaningful insight?’s Performance service can help you encourage the right sustainability performance with insightful measures.  So who’s supporting your Performance needs. GO THERE!™

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